Spiritual Swindlers ?

Spiritual Swindlers ?

by Bator Master, July 13, 2017

Have you ever wondered how much money those famous spiritual teachers make? I’m hoping a peep inside one of the most lucrative industries in the world might give you a slightly different take on why people become spiritual teachers and it’s not all love and light…

Spiritual enlightenment has become mainstream. It’s everywhere. Even Oprah is selling it.

Books, Online Audio Courses, CD sets, Satsangs, Retreats, Online Meetings.  It all seems so innocent on the surface… Awakening is the new cool and everyone wants a piece of the pie.

Are these teachers really interested in sharing the beautiful benefits of awareness, love and bliss, as we are lead to believe? Or is there a deeper more hidden purpose behind the latest craze? Something more than the selfless service to humanity they portray…

Here’s a brief but not very extensive list of some of the ideas being sold under the banner of spirituality…

The End of Suffering,


Pure Awareness,






True Nature.

No Self…

More LOVE…

No wonder Spirituality is big business… Who doesn’t want more love, joy, happiness, aliveness and peace in their life?

In order to sell a product you need to create a customer.

“The messiah must mirror the desire of his followers, and always aim high, the bigger and bolder the illusion, the better “.

The 48 laws of power. Robert Greene Law 27.

The most insidious thing about spiritual marketing is that it tends to target those that need the most help.

I know for myself that I tended to turn to spirituality when things got rough. I’d read books about the end of suffering and if I could just get this enlightenment thing then I’d… fill in the blank

Let me give you some rough figures of what these people make when they do a retreat so you can actually see the numbers involved and then you can decide if they are doing it for the highest good of humanity

Bentinho Massarrio . New Year 2017

2 Day Retreat in Amsterdam, € 250

The max capacity for the venue was 900 people and the event was sold out.

Bentinho made around  $250,000, excluding all the future retreats he sold, the books, cd’s and possible private sessions he sold.

Byron Katie earns around the same per day for her events.

The School for the Work is a  9-day retreat and costs $3500, excluding accommodation. The event location is a spa resort and has 300 rooms. On average The School attracts 300-400 people each time and is run twice a year in California.

Volunteers who pay a discounted rate to attend, mainly staff the School.

Katie sells future schools, the turnaround house ($20.000) her books, cd’s t shirt, other merchandise and her facilitator course. She nets a cool $1,225,000 for each 9-day School she offers, based on 300 people attending.  That’s without any product sales income.  Seems like being a spiritual teacher can net you a pretty penny or a few million…

Matt Khan claims that if every person on the planet took one moment of love together at the same time all the pollution in the ocean would magically evaporate. He also claims to have spoken with archangels and charges $395 per private 1 hour session with his followers.

On top of that he charges around $130 a day to attend Satsang. He also does a 6-week online program called Angel Academy. I’m not sure how many people sign up for that but even if it’s 100 times $111 registration prior to 28th may and $222 after the 28th may (notice the very important doubling of numbers here), he’s still pulling in $11000 for 1 hours work for 6 weeks. You do get a recording of the sessions afterwards, Very generous Matt! 

CD sets of past Angel Academy’s sell for $295 for 6 hours of  audio recording, through his website. Do you know how much it costs to burn 6 cd’s and put them in some plastic casing?

All of Matt’s events are fully booked thru the end of 2017. Hence people are booking 8 months in advance to go see him… Remember Matt is still in the early phases of his celebrity status as a spiritual teacher, expect prices to rise at some point soon .. 

Eckhart Tolle.  You cannot be both unhappy and fully present in the Now”

Tolle sold 10 million copies of The Power of Now and A New Earth. His books have been translated into 33 different languages. He hit the big time when Oprah started talking about him and the New York Times saying he was the most popular spiritual teacher in the USA.

Eckhart has a retreat in May of this year on the gold coast of Australia. The conference room holds 500 people, and the retreat costs $800, earning him $400,000 in tickets alone.  We are not including all the product sales that he’ll make during this time.

Eckhart will be talking for a total of 10 hours during this retreat, which means he makes about $40,000 an hour. Not a bad income…

Spirituality and being a spiritual teacher is big business. As you can see with minimum effort you can earn $1,000,000 in 9 days. Do you know of any other job that pays this well?

Some of these people are well-groomed con artists.  If you doubt my words, watch these documentaries to see how easy it can be to defraud someone out of thousands of $$$ with promises of external bliss. “David wants to fly”, “Holy Hell” or “The Source family movie”. Contemporary guru’s don’t need to have people living with them, they can make millions online from merchandise sales and online courses, while selling the idea of enlightenment and eternal happiness.

Our Society has been set up to never question authority and the same goes for Spiritual authorities.

Many of these teachers flourish because they project an ideal of perfection. No anger. No shame. No attachment. No jealousy. No issues. To some degree they are the personification of the Christ, sinless and without flaws. Do you think any of them would tell you they have bad days? Do you think any of them would admit to being human and having mood swings like normal human beings do? Do you think any of them will give up peddling their wares as a special human being when they earn so much money out of it? Well do you ?

At the same time I don’t want to forget to mention the teachers out there, that do seem genuine. There are teachers who work by donation or free of charge or who charge a reasonable fee for what they do and do seem authentic in their desire to help.  At the same time don’t get taken in by freebies. Most of the main teachers who are charging a fortune today started out charging nothing until they became big enough to charge exorbitant fees.  Use discernment in choosing a teacher if you have to have one. Don’t fall for the illusion that they are perfect. Believe me they aren’t ! 

“The great European charlatans of the 16th and 17th century mastered the art of cult making. Just like us they lived in a time of great transformation. Organized religion was on the wane and science on the rise. People were desperate to rally around a new cause or faith. The charlatans had begun by peddling health elixirs and alchemic shortcuts to the wealthy. Moving from town to town they originally focused on small groups – until by accident, they stumbled on a truth of human nature. The larger the group they gathered around themselves the easier it was to deceive…

Robert Greene pg 216, Law 27,  The 48 laws of power..